01 July 2013

So....how is Maine?

The very first morning in Maine we were going in an elevator.  I heard a lady say "No, I am NOT a Mainer."  I wanted to give her a high five.  I told John I was going to title this post "I hate Maine" but it's far from true...it is different than where I have ever lived before, I can already tell that...but it will be a nice place to live for a little while (emphasis on the little).  

When I landed in Portland the pilot said that visibility was low.  I couldn’t see the ground as we landed.  It was almost 70 degrees and foggy-quite a change from Bahrain, but not bad.  We went around Portland Saturday morning going to IHOP (seriously, he knows me so well) and then we got my new phone (919 J).  We went to Target to get my toiletries, because, to save space, I left them all in Bahrain.  This was my first “welcome to America” moment and John’s first “welcome to living with a girl” moment.  Now Dad asked, since I’m using OCM and BSV, how many toiletries could I need, but the truth is I like to have reserves in case something crazy happens (I did not buy shampoo or conditioner though), and there is still plenty of other goodies needed such as razors, body wash, toothpaste, etc. 

Personal supplies are not much cheaper or more expensive in Bahrain.  It all averages out in the end for personal care.  However, seeing the total go into the hundreds was a shock-I haven’t seen a total over 100 in a LONG time (just because of the exchange rate).  John realized that girls are expensive.  But he likes me like a pretty, pretty princess-yet he keeps trying to get me to buy a fleece. I'm not. at all.  

We went to pick up some things that John had left at Gerry and Tanya’s place (thank you for the welcome home present!) and we were off to Rockland. 

Our place is cute and cozy.  It makes a circle that JJ will love to run.  There are some things that I definitely wish were different, but for what we need right now, it is just fine.  We spent all day Saturday cleaning it and fixing it up the best we could without any furniture (we are waiting on John’s stuff from Cleveland to be delivered).  Sunday was more of the same except we went to the big city of Augusta…not so big…not so much of a city…but they had lots of shopping!  We bought a couch that will be here next week and looked around for some other things we need/want for the place. 

John is at work today.  I drove him to the boat at 6am this morning. I went for a run, got ready and sat at a coffee shop catching up on my computer life-I was the only one in there-that felt weird. The girl that sold me my muffin told me to "enjoy the sunshine while it lasts".  Considering it is 120 degrees in Bahrain and I haven't seen rain since February, I'm ok with the weather right now...now being the key word.  

Rockland the town is very nice.  It is very small.  It is very different.  The Main Street has art galleries and local restaurants and shops which excites me greatly!  I've already recognized people and I have only been here 3 days, and I like that.  The thing that surprises me is that I really have to get used to about being back in America and not living in the south in America.  There will definitely be a blog about customer service coming up….because I am in for a rude awakening I think.  

I’ve got a list of things a mile long to do this week including apartment stuff, wedding stuff, and potential job stuff so excuse me if I am spacy with internet.  I'm also not used to being able to text anyone, anytime so I have to get back into the swing of that.  Give me a week-I'll get there :)  And please forgive John and I as we get used to being around each other again and completely consume one anothers time-no matter my feelings on Rockland, now or in the future, I'm glad I'm spending the time with him.   

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