01 July 2013

Leaving Bahrain

So I made it to Maine with very few hiccups, slip-ups or much to discuss. 

Wednesday (the 26th) was a pretty normal day at school.  We had a going away luncheon at school where, little did I know, that they were giving going away speeches.  Dave got up to say goodbye to Helen and I started crying…why?  Who knows.  But I do know how close they are and how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you are close to-so I cried for them.  Then Emishea stood up and talked about this loud girl who called her out for wearing Kentucky gear when she landed in Bahrain….oh yeah, of course that was me, and of course she and I cried like crazy.  My favorite comment I heard was “They are friends?” We definitely are Barnes.  Emishea was the first person I met in Bahrain and I knew she was my kind of person when, on the first day, she talked about waxing-and no, not candles.  
That night Ezza had a special date set up for us.  We had massages at my favorite place (Dessange) and then we went to dinner at Bushidos.  They sat us next to a long table (mind you the restaurant was empty) and then we noticed a large amount of teenagers.  We immediately knew we had to move.  I explained to the hostess that we were teachers, and our summer break from children had started….and we were trying to keep it that way.  They moved us, no problem. In true Bahraini style, the whole teenage party had not arrived by the time Ezza and I were FINISHED with our four course meal.  She treated me to way too much!  I got her a little post it note set of “Ezza’s personal thoughts”.  Ezza and I are the same in the fact that we like to plan, like to do the best thing and like to make smart choices.  However, if you ever think that my mind races a million miles a minute, hers is three times as fast.  So I tried to write things down for her so she could take things in stride more easily. 

Thursday was an odd day at school-just finishing up loose ends and saying final goodbyes.  I napped when I got home, went out to eat with the gang, cried again when I said goodbye to people, and then hopped in a cab and went to the airport at one am.  My last days in Bahrain were smooth and calm, just like Bahrain.  And I left Bahrain in a much better state than I did when I arrived the first time (I’m looking at you Emily and Laura-I still cannot enjoy spiced rum). 

At the airport at 3am you learn a lot about the people that you are flying with-like how different, different groups act.  I sat in the back of the waiting area soaking up the last bit of my free wifi.  There was an English family (mom, dad, two kids-about 2 and 5) to my right with two sleeping children on their laps.  There was an American family to my left that had a quiet 2 or 3 year old boy who was playing some video game.  Then there was the Arabic family ahead of me that was made up of 3 woman, two men and about 5 children from 2 years old to 7 years old.  They decided tag was a good idea.  At 3am.  At the airport.  Amongst all the tired people.  I was less than amused.  However, I do understand if the goal is to wear the children out.  They were quiet on the plane, although honestly, I’m sure they sat in first class where I stayed in Economy.

I flew to Dubai first, went to the little holding room that they do in International airports and chilled for an hour until my plane took off.  I had excellent seat partners (two small ladies) and the only downfall of the people I was surrounded by was the gentleman behind me who kept putting his feet on my arm rest…and his toes were not manicured.  I was probably a horrible seat partner because I had some of the worst cramps I’ve experienced in a long time and I spent much of the ride awake and in lots of pain tossing and turning.  About 3 hours before we landed (on our 14 hour flight) I finally got to rest and I crashed.  Oooh, bad word to use when discussing airplanes, I feel asleep like a baby J

I landed at JFK, stuck to my Arabic ways and paid the nice men to gather and carry my bags for me and was on my to my gate.  The only problem was my flight was not on the board.  I asked around and found out that Jet Blue was from Terminal 5, I was in Terminal 4.  I asked how to get there and they kept saying, go back the way you came…I came from Customs, I can’t go back there!  So then they said, go to the front of the building-which is easier said that done when you entered the building from the middle of it…and the basement.  Anyways, a nice lady led me to exactly where I needed to go and I made it just in time to sit for my delayed flight.  Thankfully, Jet Blue had free wifi and the wait wasn’t too long.  It just seemed extra long because John was on the other end of it.

I fell asleep on that flight before the plane even taxied.  I did not even know there was a man sitting next to me until I woke up when the flight attendant wanted to make sure I was wearing a seatbelt for landing.

John picked me up at the airport-with the best hug and kiss ever and we have been on the go ever since.  

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