About Us

I consider myself a southern-midwesterner.  I am a theatrical-mathematical person who is now teaching one special girl all day long.  I enjoy wearing my pearls with my yoga pants.  I drink wine with cold pizza.  You may think I am confused, but I just consider myself balanced.

I moved overseas to experience a new culture, learn more about education and to get back in the classroom.  Not only did I meet some of the most awesome students and colleagues, I also met an amazing man!

John is a true midwesterner and a self proclaimed country boy.  He likes to build things with his hands.  He likes boots with his jeans and beer with his pepperoni (and pineapple) pizza.  He is a gentleman through and through, and he helps balance me so well.  

He moved to Bahrain for a year to serve in the gulf region-it was his third tour overseas.  He thought he was going to go over and work and make good money for a year-who knew he would spend that money on a fancy diamond for an amazing girl.

After Maryam Leah Veit was born a Mainer, we moved her to the great state of North Carolina. We are now spending a year, or four, in Oak Island, North Carolina, teaching Mary proper southern ways.

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  1. I wish you a great time to this 'balanced' creature for her new move to Bahrain. I am sure, you will get all your successes and adjust yourself very soon even in all the way a different culture.

    And I will always be here next to you if you ever need any support and will always do pray.