16 December 2012

Tire Fire

Last week we got stuck in traffic because of a tire fire.  It is a usual thing...but do you see the big billowing smoke?

I love Bahrain, Wallah

So my blog is outed.  My students became my Twitter friends (I never use it anymore, so didn't think anything of it).  Well I forgot that my blog was my website listed.  I've only had one student admit to reading it, and he said he wouldn't tell anyone about it, but I may have to go private if it does get out.
When I saw that he had read it I freaked out and immediately read all my past posts.  I mean they aren't the cleanest, or most public, but as I told the student, if I didn't want my life out in the public I shouldn't put it on the I internet.
Now follow my tangent...
At the bar this weekend, I met a guy who said he knew I was an Ahole.  I was a little thrown off guard, insulted (I'm so not) yet flattered (just glad not to be a goody goody), but I decided to just go with it.  Apparently, I give off an attitude?  Well when I go with it I really can be quite an ahole.  Anyways, one of the things this guy was complaining about, about me, was that I liked Bahrain.  First of all, to each his own, but I'm sorry, you are not allowed to judge me and my country, pick one.
He couldn't get over the fact that I thought it was a lot like America.  I go to school, the mall, watch movies, go out to bars, wear what I want, buy what I want, I really do think it is a lot like America.  So while playing my "role" I said he must really miss his girlfriend.  That would be the only reason he couldn't appreciate the awesomeness around him, he was hung up on what he left at home. 
Because that is the only thing Bahrain is missing, my friends and family.  I'm not going home on Friday for food (although I want bacon and home cooking if Joan is asking).  I'm not going home to buy things I miss (although I plan on doing some cheap shopping while I'm there).  I won't go directly to bojangles when I land in NC (although if joe reed wants to split a boberry biscuit i wont turn him down).  I won't rush to see an unedited movie (but i want to see Les Mis).  I will hug the necks of everyone I see though.  I miss people. 
Well anyways, this guy said he didn't have a girlfriend, he just thought Bahrain was a dustbowl of nothing to do. 
Well when you insult girls as an introduction I can only imagine how much positivity you have in your life. 
So lesson: only put info on internet you don't mind people knowing.  Think positively about everyone around you and your surroundings. Hug everyone you love as often as you can.  It is important to make sure everyone knows how much you love them.

03 December 2012

I might lose a few political friends for this one...

I recently read "An intolerable status quo in Bahrain" and was extremely upset that the title did not match the story.*

I'm not political, nor do I support or protest the happenings on of Bahrain, however the line...
"no other country has a greater stake in seeing a peaceful transition to democracy there. And that requires the United States to find its voice."

made me question all the other points that Massimino wrote about in her article.  All of the sudden I was not concerned with the care of the medics, but rather why the 5th fleet is being dragged in to the article? 

Do I believe in Democracy?  Yes I do.  I think it is amazing that we vote for our leaders, we all have a say in what state we live in and rules govern us.  Do I think the US needs to change everyone in the world to their ways?  Heck no.  We have so much we need to take care of that we cannot take on all of the world's struggles.

Should the prisoners be treated fairly?  yes.  Should they be prisoners?  Um, probably not.  Massimino's article from the standpoint of a CEO of Human Rights First is valid and belongs...her talking about the US's next political move?  Not needed. 

Sorry for sounding like a horrible person who doesn't want equal rights spread around, it's not that, but I just think that this line does not belong in this article.  If it had been titled "What the US should do to 'help' Bahrain" I would have felt differently. 

Also, one final comment about this...I have never felt threatened, accosted, belittled, in danger, or persecuted (or any other word to mean unsafe) for being an American here.  My school is safer than in America.  I go places with my friends in groups or with Jay** (who is 6'3" and covered in tattoos, seriously, they avoid us) 90% of the time, so I'm never alone.  I avoid confrontational areas because they are of no interest to me.  So when Ms. Massimino says we are "(i)n a region where threats to U.S. interests abound" she should specify the countries, because I know that UAE and Bahrain are very different than other areas of the Gulf.  

*I knew that the article would be about the unfair treatment of the medics.  Every article is about the unfair treatment of the medics.  

**There was one time I felt unsafe, but it was in broad day light when a drunk Scottish*** guy was hitting on me... 

***Drunk and Scottish go hand in hand

"no other country has a greater stake in seeing a peaceful transition to democracy there. And that requires the United States to find its voice."