02 July 2013

Let me define Rockland....

I was going to do a OCM update but my skin has lots of breakouts right now…straight line from the left side of my nose to the right side of my chin…hmmmm…wonder what that could be from?  Hint: I know what it is from and I don’t mind J  I just have to get acclimated. 

I was going to do a BSV update but I had a nightmare that all my hair fell out.  While I woke up with all my hair, it is definitely something weird with the whole freezing cold/high humidity thing. 

So I should do an actual Maine update, not just what John and I have been doing.  I’m sitting in a coffee shop having coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  I can already tell one of the downfalls of Rockland is going to be the prices.  My breakfast sandwich, on regular wheat bread with egg, bacon, tomato, spinach and a cup of coffee costs $10.25.  My muffin and coffee yesterday cost $4.50 which both the coffee and muffin were quite large so I didn’t think much about it, but this morning’s total has left me in sticker shock.  I can get a bigger sandwich and fancier coffee for less at Starbucks…if there was a Starbucks in the area.  I could also have wifi.  Very few places here have wifi-I just came from the land of wifi so this is an adjustment.

Some may be thinking I am a little spoiled considering I get to eat breakfast out and I am complaining.  Well I kind of have to because we do not have any cooking equipment yet.  John’s stuff won’t get delivered until July 16th and my stuff won’t get here until after we get back from North Carolina.  Last night we had oven made quesadillas with chips and salsa.  We ate them standing up because we don’t have a table and chairs yet.  I was also cooking as we were eating so I think tonight, since the meal will be cooked before we have to eat it, we will have a picnic. 

So I have mixed emotions about arriving here in the summer/peak tourist time.  I like it because the stores have longer hours, everything is busy, the people are interesting, the accents are abundant.  However, I cannot distinguish who is a Mainer, specifically a Rocklander and who is an out of towner.  From what I can tell…

  • if you are wearing a windbreaker, you are from New England.
  • If you are wearing shorts and sweatshirt, you are from Rockland.

It is 59 degrees today. It is July 2nd. I REFUSE to wear my heavy sweaters but I am cold, partly because it is chilly, partly because I am used to 100 degrees.  I also do not, and will not, own a windbreaker or fleece that is not cute (if I find a cute one, I will buy it, but I’m not buying one just to have one).  So I am wearing my trench coat today.  A good compromise. 

  • If you are wearing Wellies, you are from New England.
  • If you are wearing fisherman’s boots, you are from Rockland.

Did I mention it is cold outside, yet still July?  I would love to wear my Toms but they do not fare well in the rain.  My Rainbows are disgusting with all the rain and again, I REFUSE to wear my leather boots in the summer.  I would love a pair of Wellies, but do not own any…yet.  So what is my only other option?  My 5 inch wedge sandals. They keep me out of the water, are still summery.  My toes are cold though. 

  • If you are wearing pearls, you are from New England.
  • If you are wearing feather earrings, you are from Rockland.

I wore pearls yesterday, today I am wearing Arabic jewelry.  I am rocking my oversized watch too. 

  • If you are walking, and stop at a crosswalk, you are a tourist.
  • If you are walking, and just keep going like people will stop, you are from Rockland.

The Elon-er in me fits in just fine here. 

  • If you ask about parking options, you are a tourist.
  • If you look annoyed at the people around you, you are from Rockland. 

I could walk anywhere in town, but because of the rain I’m not…so yes, I am an annoying parking person.

  • If you are wearing a pastel color pant or short, and are a guy, you are a tourist.
  • If you are wearing a pastel color sweatshirt, and are a guy, you are stuck in the 80’s. 

I’m really looking forward to meeting the whole CG gang because I can’t tell if I will find anyone to fit in with since, I am most definitely not a touristy New Englander, nor from Rockland.  If Canden and Mona remember Post it’s and Gold stars, let’s just say post it notes are abound!

Now I am staring so hard at a girl that just walked in.  She is wearing Tretorn Boots, leggings, a black sweater, scarf and a light jacket that is adorable.  She has a side braid, but big jewel toned earrings.  She is meeting someone so that makes me think that she is a Rocklander-yay!!!!!!  

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