08 July 2013

John learns the difference in temperature heat and heat from your wife....

“So you’re new to town?  Me too, where are you from?” 
“Well I just got here from Bahrain”
“oh yeah? I’m from Chicago, I’m used to this heat too.”

 So Rockland had a heat wave this weekend.  It got up to 89 degrees.  Oooooh….Both John and I were not impressed, however, our little 2nd floor apartment was incredibly impressed by the temperature outside and decided to double it inside our little non-air-conditioned abode.  We went to Wal-Mart to check out the selection of window units and they were all sold out.  I’m not joking.  People were walking around in bathing suits in Wal-Mart, red faced, buying fans, and anything else that could offer them cool-ness.  John and I just wanted a little unit for the bedroom so we could sleep better.  We talked about ordering one, but then we decided to see if we could wait it out…we had to shut the windows the next couple of nights because I was too cold, $200 well saved. 

Saturday, during the “heat wave”, John and I went to a birthday dinner for a CG’s girlfriend.  She is a local hair stylist so not only am I excited to have someone to help my rats nest, but she is also way cute, a quality I find really important in friends J.  

It was a lot of fun.  I love meeting people and getting to talk about John and I and we had a lot of fun hearing stories from the people we were there with too.  They kept talking about how I looked cool, as in not hot.  (insert a Shehab joke here: “Ms., do you think you are cooler than me?” “Ghazi, of course I do.” “Good, that means I’m hotter than you.”-this from the kid who dressed up as a carrot.) 

I was talking about how the temperature was cool compared to where we were, the humidity was new though and that it felt a lot hotter because of that-completely true.  I still want to buy a dehumidifier for the apartment, temperature is nothing, but I hate feeling sticky.  I then said that John “lured” me here with the mild year round weather.  They started laughing, and pulled out their cell phones…every single person from the table…not an exaggeration.  They showed me pictures of the winter storm from last year where the snow covered cars and doors.

 “Make sure to keep your shovel inside so that you can get out of the house.”

All of the sudden I was sweating profusely and could barely talk.  John started laughing and I swear I saw him give the “shut the heck up” face to his friend Jesse.  I looked at him and he smiled and said, “see, just like Ohio.”  The only saving grace was that people said everything shuts down when it is like that…whew, ok, that I am used to.

The party was at a local bar, Rock Harbor.  They are starting to turn it into a brewery.  There used to be a brewery in town but it closed.  I am excited for it to open with its own brews because one thing we are adjusting to is the choice of draft beers here.  I dislike the summer seasonals so far and then there are a lot of IPAs-which I’m not a fan.  John likes them, but it is still some guess and check to get the “right one”.  He is brave, and a guy, so he just orders whatever and drinks it whether he likes it or not.  I, however, am being a snotty girl and asking for samples.  I have not gotten a full glass of anything I have sampled yet.  I do like this bar though because of the bartender.  She is awesome.  She works at another local bar too, when we saw her there, she said “I’m following you two.”  I love her. 

So I’m adjusting to, and liking life in Maine-and of course loving every minute with John.  


  1. YOu can have our A/C when we leave!!! Don't buy one!

  2. Oh girl..you have no idea. This was our "first Maine" winter everyone said...oh it doesn't snow that much in Rockland. Like hell! But we (Texans) had a blast. We loved the snow so much we went for a stroll during the height of a blizzard. Don't mess with Texas..as our neighbor would say. We weren't scared. Check it out here: http://thetravelingpear.com/2013/02/09/braving-nemo-to-find-the-knight-mermaid/

    and we played even more: http://thetravelingpear.com/2013/02/03/finding-silly-with-the-pear/

    and we created an Eiffel Tower snow sculpture: http://thetravelingpear.com/2013/01/02/year-of-tour-eiffel/

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