17 June 2013

No Math so let's do No Poo

So I have 8 days of school left...but none with students...so really, there isn't much "teaching" going on...

I am too caught up in finishing up loose ends and packing to really explore anymore of Bahrain...

So really the whole "Teaching Math Internationally" title should be "cleaning up math locally" right now...

So let's give a "No 'Poo" update instead!!!
 **sorry for the pic quality on some...I tried resaving and reuploading and I still came out warped**

long, straight, pretty hair
Alright...so, I have been not using shampoo for a bit more than two weeks.  I have had three really awesome hair days (yes I understand the horrible odds here)...see my hair to the right-nice right?  So let me tell you my thoughts on the whole thing...

The pros:
double side braid
1. Four-Five mornings a week it takes me around 5-10 minutes to do my hair, total, including washing and styling.
2. I have used literally no products=money saved
3. I am getting REALLY good at braids.  See?
4. I have been asked multiple times if I have dyed my hair-and I haven't.  But noted, it is not turning brassy-which I was warned about
5.  I am losing a lot less hair in the shower.

The cons:
1. Two-three mornings a week I spend 30-40 minutes washing and styling my hair, so I really do not come out ahead on time (140 minutes a week-roughly-either way)
my hair is thirsty
2. I have used very little of the 2 dinars worth of Baking Soda and Vinegar I bought so I really have (or will) save money.  However, I bought 500 fils of almond oil to add more luster to my hair...it could be a slippery slope (haha, get it, slippery, oil :) of adding oils every so often...
3. my hair looks pretty wretched some days (see dry hair to the right or grease any given day)
4. I haven't mastered the balance of BS and V so I never know how my hair will turn out...
5. I have to brush my hair a lot at night (recommended to distribute the grease...sorry, I mean natural oils) so I'm probably losing just as much hair in brush.

So is it worth it to keep going?  Well the pics below are after 4 days of not washing my hair at all-I told my students that day and they were amazed...
really awesome looking for 4 days...
doesn't look that bad+no makeup
ok...it's a little (lotta) greasy in the back

So here's the problem...I had a pretty good experience with my hair last week...I was pleased and thought, man, I'm getting good at this! So Saturday night I decided to take care of those dry ends (and a little dandruff problem that arose) and I did a hot oil treatment (remember that almond oil I bought?)  Well, apparently, my hair wasn't that dry...or my hair takes to oil really well...not sure which...but no amount of baking soda later, my hair is still an oily, greasy mess!  The braid pic above is from today, because I literally look like a drowned rat with my wet looking, greasy hair.

So do I chalk it up as "stupid Carissa, you should go out on a Saturday night, not do things to your hair that aren't necessary" or do I give up the BSV stuff?  I have had more bad hair days than good, but it is also a transition period...so do I give it more time?

Things I have learned:
A. You HAVE to wash all the baking soda out...otherwise you smell like it and your hair crunches.
B. Vinegar really does condition your hair...I have no tangles at all.  It CAN feel really soft...when it doesn't feel like baking soda is caked in...
C. Hair is much better when you don't constantly run your fingers through it.  I used to constantly do that which just brought more grease to my hair and broke down any products I put on.  Now since my "good hair days" are stiffer and I can't put my fingers in it-I notice that overall, my hair looks nicer.

So what do you think?  Do I stick it out or just go back to my good ol' Dove?

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