08 June 2013

tests...good, bad or ugly?

I hate love hate lovehate assessments.  When they are well created and tell me something in the end, I love grading them.  I really enjoy designing good ones.  However, both of those take huge amounts of time and so neither get done properly all of the time.

We have to assess students to see what they know.  However, they freak out, care more about the grade than anything, and end up showing me what their neighbor's paper knows more often than I care to admit.

I hate testing in class periods because I want to know what a student knows, not what they can do in 50 minutes.  However, if a quiz/assignment/test is designed to be 30 minutes and you are still working on it after 50, is it that you are a slow worker or you actually just didn't know it...

I love when a student says "that was a fair test, but it was hard." I want to challenge them.  I would rather see a student work hard for an 80, than ace a test with a 100.  However, with the drive for GPA and class ranks, this freaks kids out.

So while I'm writing final exams, students should know that teachers hate them just as much as you do...

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