18 June 2013

The Main(e) Idea

So here it is...the new title of the blog...The Main(e) Idea.  I'll change the layout and everything as I go-I already changed the "a little history" part to the right.

So I thought I should say some positives about Maine.  I joke a lot about it on facebook, but honestly, I'm looking forward to it. I mean if John suddenly proclaimed that we were moving to...mmm, about 41 other states...I would be ecstatic...but I am still really excited about Maine.  So much so I sent him an email earlier this week about everything...here is my list.

Things I am excited about for Maine:
  • Comedians at local theatre (Bob Marley is July 6th)-turns out this is an actor from one of John's favorite movies (Boondock Saints) 
  • North Atlantic Blues Festival (second weekend of July)
  • Three Vaudvilles by Chekov (one of my favs)  (July 24th)
  • Lobster Fest with the Spin Doctors and a 10K (first weekend of August)
  • Portland Breweries (plus a 10K called Trail to Ale in September)
  • Trolley tour of three wineries-wine and not driving? Thank you, Rockland.
  • Hiking in Camden (there are beautiful day hikes at a local mountain)
  • Local art-apparently on the first friday they do wine and gallery tours-John's quote "oh yeah, that does sound like something you would like :)"
  • Local restaurants-some of which are farm to table-being a Durhamite, I quite a foodie
    • Primo-Farm to Table and James Beard award winning chef for 2013!
  • Closeness to Boston-we are only three hours to one of my favorite big cities!  

So while I do harp on the cold, I am looking forward to outdoor seating, our backyard and firepits.  I saw a picture online from a photographer who took a picture of her fire pit and the caption was "I love the summer time".  I'm sorry, to me, summer means going swimming because it is too hot, not gathering around the fire.  In all fairness though, I remember needing the fire a couple of times while camping with family.  Shhhhh...don't tell John I've been camping!

And, I mean, when it comes down to it?  I'm just excited to be with him.  No matter the temperature, or the granola consumption, we will be together :)  And being together is all that really matters...10 days babe!

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  1. Sign us up for trolley and wineries when I come to visit!