12 April 2012

Bahrain-that's near Texas right?

I have an awesome friend, Bailey.  She is so sweet and fun.  Her husband, Will, has the dry sense of humor to balance out her sweetness.  His response, "Bahrain-that's near Texas right?" was perfect. 

Let's continue the fun Q and A because I know that so many people are wondering...(sidenote: it's so fun to know that Ryanne, a fellow TF Elon grad with me, is going to Dubai and is experiencing the same questions!)

How will you get around?
In my great days of spring break I have been doing a lot of research and apparently, Bahrain is just like Texas.,  So while it may not be located near, it is close.  I read two blogs yesterday that say that Bahrain looks like America transplanted.  Including, sadly, it's dependence on cars.  My school provides transportation to school and back, but anything else, I will most likely need a car.  I would love to "go in" with someone on a car, or just rent on the weekends when I want a car-but everything I have read, says I'll need a car.  There are buses that run daily from 6am to midnight, on the hour.  There are also taxis. 

Where will you live?
I will live in apartments provided by the school.  You have to live in them for a year-just like being an Elon TF again!  Anyways, it's paid for by the school, utilities are paid by the school too.

 Hopefully my place won't have the stranger in the back bedroom or the cat in the kitchen, but I'm open to both.  Just kidding.  maybe....

Can you drink the water?
Technically? yes, it is potable.  Taste wise? no.  I will have to get the water cooler thing.  Bob made a good point that I can get American water then :)

Can you decorate?
Duh.  Can I decorate...oh wait, you mean am I allowed to? Oh.  Yes, that too.  They give me $400 (~150BD) to buy stuff for the apartment-plates, linens, pillows, etc.  I may have bought some of those cloth cubes in fun vibrant colors.  They will fold flat in a box and pop up when I get there.  No, I'm not overpacking already.

What is the staff like?
Here is a picture of a PD at the school.  Every Tuesday (which is like their Wednesday) is an early release professional development day.  I really feel like they are invested in learning to be the best educators they can be.  I cannot wait. 

Clubs, do not mean nightclubs, although, it does, but it doesn't....
To get into any establishment that serves alcohol, you have to be a member.  To play sports with any group, you have to be a member.  To show my shoulders, I'll have to be a member.  Basically there are clubs that people can join to hang out with likeminded people.  If I want to play tennis (indoors of course) I can join the British club.  It is a gym, theatre, and library all in one. I can even show my shoulders.  All nightclubs seem to be like smoking establishments in NC.  You have to pay $1 to become a member to smoke.  There are clubs that are traditional Arabic night spots and American ones.  There is even one for the Naval Base when they are on R&R called The Hunter's Lodge.  No, I'm not joking.  Yes, I will go there.  Just to see what they think a lodge looks like of course.  No other reasons. 

Basic info compacted:
Workweek: Sunday-Thursday
Hours: 7-2, for school and government buildings
**Hours are adjusted during the fasting holidays.  No I do not have to fast, but I am not allowed to eat or drink publicly during these times.**

Keep the questions coming!


  1. You are so cool, have I ever told you that? My first question: when are your vacations?

  2. Answered...although vaguely. I say, find a cheap ticket and book it...anytime...any day :)

  3. This looks awesome!!! And I love the school hours. Don't bring too much decorative stuff with you. It's so fun to buy local and decorate your apartment in art that comes from your surroundings. I DO recommend bringing photos from home.