13 April 2012

You're moving overseas? I teach in Hillsborough.

This was the response I got from a customer at The Table last night.  I mean Hillsborough does have a mountain....

Now to answer Emmy's question about my calendar.  I've outlined time/days off below but honestly these are all guestimates because the 2012-2013 calendar isn't up yet.  It also will vary because the Muslim holidays vary year to year and they also depend on government announcement. 

  • I will arrive in Bahrain on the 25th of August, after leaving Minneapolis on the 24th.  This is what is supposed to happen, depending on flight information (which I'll get in July) it may change a little. 
  • We (me and the 10 other newbies from US and Canada) will have a week long orientation where they take us to the souks, grocery, US Embassy, Visa stuff, car stuff, etc...
  • My contract officially starts on September 1st.  We will then have professional development and curriculum writing until school starts-which is the second week of September. 
  • Depending on the announcement of the Islamic holiday Eid Al Adha, we may have a day off October 26th. 
  • Student/Parent Conferences are the week of Thanksgiving.  I don't know if this means we will have class too, or not.  There will also be days off for Ashura, the Islamic New Year around November 15th.
  • For National Day and the New Year, we get about 2-3 weeks off.  I'm assuming December 17th-January 2nd (National Day is December 16th.)
  • The Prophet's Birthday will be celebrated Thursday, January 24th-although celebrated in February this past year...
  • We'll get a week off for Winter break in February which will also start the second semester. 
  • Spring Break will be the first week of April.
  • Labor Day is the first week of May. 
  • The student's last day, and the teacher's last day is the last week of June. 
  • I'll be home by July 4th.  I won't have to return until September 1st. 
As for my teaching schedule I will have 4 preps-good gravy!  I will be teaching Maths 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, and IB 11-1 (SL). Classes are 55 minutes each.  We are on a 6 day rotating schedule.  The school day is from 7am (blah!) to 2:20.  I am used to teaching 300 minutes of 420 minute days.  Bahrain has 440 minute days...I'll be teaching...

Day 1: 3 classes, 165 minutes
Day 2: 2 classes, 110 minutes
Day 3: 4 classes, 220 minutes
Day 4: 4 classes, 220 minutes
Day 5: 2 classes, 110 minutes
Day 6: 3 classes, 165 minutes

So while it is four preps...it is more planning time...although I'm sure, like American schools, it won't really turn out to be all planning time. 

So when are you coming to visit me???


  1. I am coming to see you as soon as I can!!!!!!!!

    Leigh Ann

    PS - your blog is entertaining us on the drive home from the beach! Da La Da DA!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is going to be amazing!!!! I love that you are going to get such an interesting perspective on Muslim life and culture.