12 April 2012

Meet the Bahrain F1 drivers

Don't mind if I do...

I understand that the people selling, will always think they have the best product.  A person selling a similar product will always think the other is the worst. It's the same with politics and educational institutions.  I really like the quote from the Grand Prix Circuit Chairman regarding people who do not have facts first hand.  I also appreciate when establishments admit their weaknesses-such as saying there are protests and demonstrations, but they are on 5% of the island. So take these articles with a grain of salt.  They are selling their race.  Although I appreciate the honesty.  I also appreciate (used much more loosely) the fact that they came from Fox news. 


To balance out the fairness of the above articles here is a CNN article regarding how a political activist could disrupt the grand prix more. 


Here is my honesty: I am reading articles everyday.  I am scouring the news and ask many (probably annoying) questions to my new teammates in Bahrain.  I am supportive of the Grand Prix, but I am slightly biased.

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  1. Carissa,

    How are you finding your news? Have you created Google News filters? NYTimes and CNN alerts? Any particular newspapers or news sites you've found? What about a Bahraini newspaper in English? Or are you just going for good old fashioned google searches?

    I find that the majority of the news I'm finding about Angola is... kind of boring! I think that's because there is comparatively little coming out of Angola. I need to be a better searcher, I guess.