28 May 2013

Name Change

It's time to change the ol' name...

No not my name...

Well yes, my name too, but that one I already know...

Carissa June is what you can call me though :)

But it is time to change the blog name!  I want to keep the TMI, because I think blogging is a complete overshare of lives, but it is totally fun, a great release for me, and keeps family and friends in the know.  So yay blogging!  Yay for future husbands who don't mind you blogging about them!!!  He said I can share the good and the bad...which I don't plan on doing, but I do love how open and honest he and I are and how important talking is...so I want to share about how we get over hard times.

Example?  This long distance thing blows.  I'm not saying it sucks, I'm saying it inhales more profusely than physics ever could.  I would do physics every day of my life if it meant we could skip this distance thing.  It BUH-lows.  Waking up just to tell him goodnight?  buh-lows.  Having broken up Skype conversations with crappy internet?  Sucks as much as doing drag force formulas.  Getting frustrated at Skype but sounding like you are taking it out on the other person?  Amazingly horrible.  My future cell phone bill from when I get too frustrated at Skype and just call him on my cell?  Astronomical and therefore sucks majorly.

So how do we get around this?  We say "I love you" probably 10 times more than we probably would.  We want to say it as much as possible because being 6500 miles apart can be lonely, and you need the other person to know that.  We send cute pictures and thoughts through out our days for the person to find.  I sent John home with 6 cards for him to open through out May and June (on our anniversary, when he left Ohio, etc).  So anyone else going through long distance times in your relationship...what do you do?  Because I love the shit out of John, but this whole opposite side of the world thing...you guessed it...buh-lows.

I also want to share our adventures in Maine, just like I did a few times here in Bahrain (think tire fire picture, dead body on side of the road or the police station....gosh I hope Maine has happier thoughts :))  John asked me the other day if I wanted a bike.  I told him no.  He said he asked because he knows I don't like to run.  My question is why do I have to bike if I don't like to run?  Why am I being so active?  He said he was trying to think ahead for things to buy for outdoor stuff.  So we got on the topic of hiking.  I like to hike just fine, love trails through the woods.  But I did feel the need to remind him that I'm not exaggerating...I am a pretty, pretty princess.  He said he knows and he likes it.  I also feel like I should mention I am incredibly worried about fitting in in Maine.  Maine, from what I can tell from pictures and schools I have looked at, is, um, a little, earthy?  I feel like a lot of granola is consumed per capita.  Now don't get me wrong, I can't wait to have a compost pile and go to farmer's markets (or grow our own food John says...this makes me laugh...me grow things...hahaha, poor guy...) but when a school says they restrict the use of cosmetics for students and teachers I begin to wonder....will my Elon self fit in?  We will definitely have some experiences I think.

So back to the blog-title ideas are welcomed!  The title must abbreviate to T.M.I. (like Teaching Math Internationally.)

So far we have:
Tolerating Maine's Infrastructure (John)
Taking Maine In-stride (CJ)
Tabloiding Marriage Intricacies (CJ)
Tackling Maine Imperfectly (LBC)
Taking on Military life Imperfectly (LBC)
TMI: Oversharing our Crazy Adventures (LBC)
The Maine Influence (BABS)
The Maine Idea (BABS)
Telling My Insights (LBP)
**love the word imperfect!

Also thinking about doing something with Ma(ine)rriage as a word...not sure...

I'll keep adding to the title ideas as they roll in ;)

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