01 June 2012

What happened to this?

This is a post from a previous blog I wrote...Where did this enthusiasm go?  Is it because it's June or is it because this really wasn't the job for me?  I will say that the website I created worked wonders.  I still believe in challenging each other professionally and personally-my new saying for this is "light a fire".  However, the classrooms that "just work", continued to "just work".  My schools did "just fine".  I learned so much from my teachers and principals, but I'm not sure I gave back as much as I received. I'm looking forward to the classroom and being a true "teacher leader".  

Thursday, September 22, 2011
I'm asleep by 7, it must be Thursday
I've been an IF for approximately 12 school days (full time).  I have yet to manage the time of getting everything done in a working day.  I still stay up late working on things for the classroom, but this time it's not my classroom.  Finding useful resources for others to use (or throw away) takes so much more time.  I've created a website for all my "tools" and it is incredibly difficult to figure out what would be helpful for others, not just me.  

I am working with some awesome teachers, those that want to try new things, revamp ideas, engage the students using technology and games.  However, just like in the classroom, it is not those "students" I am concerned with.  I am trying to grab hold of the teachers whose classroom "works the way it is."   If it didn't work they wouldn't be teachers.  However, if we all settled for fine, or "it works", we would have a lot of mediocrity in our lives, but I Dweck-gress.  

We must keep challenging ourselves and our students.  Through showing interest in their joys, through making class interactive, and basically by loving our jobs.  

Wait, not jobs, careers.  No, more than careers, our profession.  We are professionals who strive to do better in our lives to enrich our students lives...or do we?  

My naivety has gone out the window.  But it's Thursday night. I've just woken up from a nap (I crashed at 7 with my dinner still in my lap) and I'm back to work.  The thing that I don't get about myself is that I haven't accepted defeat.  I'm still excited to go and try to make things work.  As my friend said when he learned his "easy" deployment wasn't so "easy"..."Heck yeah, let's do this."  Just to clarify he didn't say heck, he is a marine after all.  

But just to clarify again, I did say heck.  I am excited to grow professionally myself, and to help others grow and develop.  Are you?

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