07 August 2013

Stories of Married Life

Our wedding was perfect.  I'll post pictures of the nuptials when we get the professional pictures.  We went to North Carolina for our honeymoon and then drove 1000 miles back home with all my stuff in the back of the truck.  It was fun.

So I could share with you the minute by minute details of the trip and life since the wedding but really?  Buh-or-ring. So instead I'll share little stories of why John and I love each other-some are repeats from facebook-so deal with it. I'm also learning how to use Gifs...deal with that too

What It's Like Living With a Girl
I'm not quite sure how many of you know that John has never had a roommate except for his parents and siblings growing up and a barrack full of Army guys.  I'm also not quite sure how many of you know that I am a "pretty, pretty princess" and very much a girl.  We've had some fun adjusting to life together.  Well, John has had fun learning that I am, in fact, not a dude and he can't say whatever he wants because, I may, cry, or get mad, or take it literally.  I mean it is hard to believe, but I am VERY different than a room full of Army guys.  And what he really didn't know before getting into this...is...

So I have a hair wall.  When you are in the shower and wash your hair, you get hair intertwined in your fingers.  There are two options here.  1. Rinse hands and have hair go down the drain/clog the drain so you end up standing in water.  2. Put it on the wall and remove it at the end of the shower.  Obviously number 2 is the better choice.  However, the remembering to take it off the wall doesn't always happen.  When I lived by myself I would leave it there.
But now I have to take it down...But I do forget and John does not consider it art...in fact he doesn't like it. At All...

Part of being a pretty princess is wearing makeup.  For the past 15 years of my life I have worn makeup.  Now John wears makeup!  No, not literally.  If you see powder on his nose, he is not taking up a horrible habit, he just kissed me.  His nose touches my cheek when we kiss, and therefore his nose gets makeup on it.  Poor guy.  I don't wear lipstick very much but when I do, he wears it too.  I loved it one day when he was drinking Starbucks...his cup looked like mine.  There was a dot of beige foundation on the white lid where his nose hit the cup and it had a lipstick ring.  He only freaked out a little.

Farts, Boogers and Potty Humor
I don't fart (in public).  I don't pick my nose (in public). I don't discuss pooping, peeing or gross things (in public).  I consider John public.  He apparently does not consider me public.  I have hung out with MGC (my friends in NC) to know that I am in the minority when it comes to bodily function actions and doing.  I would consider the MGC slogan to be "Let 'er rip, tater chip".  I, however, do not "let 'er rip"...yet.  Anyways, my adjustment has come with living with bodily functions.  And you know what?  Farts are funny!  Sometimes.  Not in the furniture aisle in Target...but I digress.   The best story was yesterday when John had an itchy nose in the car.  He blew his nose trying to dislodge the itch, and felt relief, but there was nothing there.  He searched around on his shirt, shorts, steering wheel, couldn't find it-but his nose was quite relieved.  We were driving along discussing how everyone has boogers but I just don't like discussing them...and I look down...and there is a HUGE booger on my jacket.  I lift my arm over to him and ask "What's this?" and he yells "There it is!!!!"  and picks it off of me. I laughed so hard I cried...or just cried...because I had a booger on me...that wasn't mine.

What's Yours is Mine, and What's Mine is Mine
Our furniture was not delivered for almost three weeks when we moved into the apartment.  An air mattress is a great invention...for a short time period...three weeks was ridiculous.  Our bed now is freaking amazing.  It has a pillow top, a memory foam pad and a padded mattress cover.  John even has a memory foam pillow (just one though since it was just him). I've never been a bed connoisseur, but John has changed that.  We don't have air conditioning and most nights it doesn't matter.  We have a little blanket that is perfect most nights as a blanket that makes you feel cozy, yet provides no warmth whatsoever.  So what John didn't know before sharing a bed was that I get cold when I sleep...and that his side of the bed is so much more comfortable than mine!  And that his half of the blankets are so much warmer than mine.  Poor guy, never saw it coming...

The Best Part
We can't always be amazing.  Some days are boring.  Some days we don't appreciate what the other has done just to make it to the end of the day.  I'm not working right now and sometimes I feel like a waste of space.  I know that John works hard each day and I try to support him as much as I can in every way.  One day last week he had a long day, and I had decorated a lot.  He commented on some things he liked.  I cooked dinner, we watched TV, and it was time for bed.  He went to bed first to read and I went to the bathroom to wash my face.  It was a perfectly average day.  As I crawled into bed he put his iPad down and looked at me.  "I really love how you are making our apartment a home-all the little touches-all that you are doing-I love it, thank you."  I love how he can turn an average day into extraordinary.  He amazes me.  

So that's our life.  Sharing, adjusting, living, loving.  Oh yeah...and farts.  

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