20 May 2013

Opposites Attract

Last night John was telling me about guns.  I know nothing, and he knows a whole heck of a lot.  He wants to teach me to shoot...I'm still on the fence...

In that same conversation he told me he was going to Cabelas, which I didn't know what that was, but he was going to buy me a hat...a camo one...I asked Em and Laura if they knew, and they laughed...at me...because everyone knows it and they also want to see me with a camo hat on...or was it that they don't...eh, whatever.

John then asked me "North face or Columbia?"  I don't know why, perhaps he is buying me a warm coat for when I land in the arctic, but I couldn't answer him because I don't own anything by either of those companies.  I told him NF because that is his favorite.  I reminded him that it would be like me asking him "Michael Kors or Karen Millen?"  Poor guy knows Michael Kors now because of me :)

He sent me a picture of my new living room furniture...I told him to stick to earth tones...I should have been more specific.   (sidenote: he was joking.  I hope.)

(Can we also note the long pants, fleece and socks he has on...seriously it is winter in Maine.)

Lastly, there was a page he liked that showed up in my news feed for...wait for it..."George W. Bush".  It is pretty awesome that he met him while he serving in the army.  I respect all of our presidents for what they do...but I'll be damned if a campaign sticker goes on my car anytime soon...for either party :)

We have quite a few differences...but it is what I love about him.  We will challenge each other with politics and beliefs regarding issues, however we have similar economic and social beliefs.  Our religious frame of mind is also in a similar place (I say it like this because I really believe your spiritual journey evolves and changes and I can't wait to see how ours does).  He will teach me about guns and I will make insane spreadsheets of the houses we are looking at buying.   We will incorporate our two tastes together into one house where the deer heads/camo are limited to one room (and not the living room).

With our differences and similarities the most important thing is that I cannot wait to grow, mature, learn and teach...with him, by him and through him.  As you get older you become who you are going to become.  I have failed, and I have succeeded and I am proud of who I am today.  He makes me want to be better.  He pushes me to try harder, love more and become more of who I am and, more importantly, want to be.  The phrase "you complete me" has always sounded funny to me...I am whole as me.  However, now I know what it is to have someone make you a better you...he does...

As long as he didn't buy that recliner :)

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