28 March 2013

Lucky Rabbit's Foot

So blogging everyday isn't for me…obvi.

I felt like a huge waste of space last weekend.  I did very little, which in actuality was quite nice.  Weekends here are busy.  I’m not sure if it is because my friends are the people I work with everyday, or if it is because the island is so small, but it feels like I never leave school.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t work on the weekends that much, and I have a lot of fun, but it just doesn't feel like I get away from BBS.  So this past weekend I went to bed at 8pm on Thursday night, caught up on ALL of my shows on Friday (thank you Grey’s for being good again!) and then got sick on Saturday…that’s what doing nothing will get you I guess. 
So when Sunday rolled around I took my first visit to the hospital by myself.  I have had a never ending cold for about 3 weeks and this weekend I had a swollen, red eye that hurt.  So here is how it went at the hospital. 

Walk in…look around…realize you do not know where to go so continue walking…no one stops you because there are very few “security clearances”…I proceed to “Check in” where she asks me what doctor I want to see.  I told her I had never been and didn't know what was really wrong.  She asked what hurt, I said my eye, she told me optometrist.  She then asked my name.  I told her.  She said “you aren’t in my system.”  I had already told her I had never been, but I repeated myself (I’m a teacher, I’m used to that).  She got my CPR card (like a SS card for Bahrain) and saw that I had been here since August.  “You’ve NEVER been here?”  This is where, if she were a 9th grader, I would have cocked my head to the side, stamped my foot and told her to sit down, but since she was an adult, and already sitting, I again, repeated myself, that no, this was my first time. 

After finishing check-in I went to the optometrist, who tested my eyesight…I read everything they gave me perfectly (thank you Dr. Cayton).  He felt my glands, he stared into my eyes (not in a good way) and proceeded to tell me I had an infection and it would take me 7-10 days to clear up.  I asked if it was viral or bacterial and he said “both.” I asked for a doctor’s note to take to school and he said “Yes, would you like 7 or 10 days off?”  I told him I just needed a note saying I visited the doctor and he said, “Ok the rest of the week off then.” 

Then I left there, went to insurance, paid my 5BD ($13) copay and went to the pharmacy.  She handed me my two eye drops (free) and I left. 

So in 45 minutes I checked in, saw a doctor, got 5 days off of school (which I didn’t take) and 2 prescriptions for 5BD.  My eyes cleared up about 2 days later and my cold symptoms are gone too. 

Monday, I got a surprise phone call from John.  I tutored until 7:30 and then met up with him.  I had amazing days at school (the kids were really good this week), tutored lots, and went shopping for dapper men’s clothes.  This week kicked butt. 

This weekend will be busy.  I’ll post pictures on Facebook of all of us looking uber-fancy at Eimear’s birthday brunch tomorrow.  You may have already seen John’s fancy-ness.  Ezza and I have been debating dresses all week.  I can’t decide if I’m going to wear my spice girls dress or be somewhat more sophisticated (and classy).  Ok, I’ll go classy. 

So last week ended in such a good way so I blogged, this week was pretty great too, so I’ll blog again.  Maybe weekly blogging is my good luck charm…


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