13 February 2013

Three things

So two fun and one not fun thing have happened in the past day so this is just about them…no existential thinking or life quandaries…thank goodness right??

        1.       My IB 11 class is studying bias and so I had them read news articles.  I love trying to get them to relate to the news articles, but it’s hard.  Anyways one of them was on Alzheimer’s and I asked if they knew what that was…the best response ever…

“Of course we do Miss, we watch Grey’s Anatomy”

        2.       I am in love with 8tracks.  If you haven’t heard of it ask Emmy, she told me about it.  Anyways basically you type in your mood (happy, sad) and what you are doing (driving, showering) and it pulls up playlists people have made.  This morning I listened to “Middle School Dance”.  Of course I did not blast “You Ought to Know” by Alanis at 6am on the freeway.  Never.

        3.       Speaking of freeway, I saw a dead body on the road yesterday.  You know how in the states when there is a bad accident they pretty much scoop the body up before anyone can see it and leave the rest of the wreck.  Yeah, well here, there were four cops standing around this body in the far left lane of the freeway.  Not the fun one, but it is what makes life in Bahrain different. 

The 2nd anniversary of the protests is tomorrow.  Things may be bad, things may not be…who knows…I have some students saying they are not coming to school, while the government has issued a decree to allow no sick days tomorrow, to encourage people to proceed in normal fashion.  You can read the article in the Bahrain newspaper Gulf Daily News.  

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