07 January 2013

Just for you...

It was brought to my attention that my blog has been quiet.  Apparently people really do read it.  I had a dream about a great blog for another site….but I honestly cannot remember what made it so great.  Besides the f word.  I’ve started reading Pintester and, well, she uses F*** Sprinkles as her friends calls it.  Her blog is f’n hilarious.  Ugh, I just can’t sprinkle the f bomb when I know my grandmothers are reading it….ok, so I’m not as witty as Pintester. Noted.  What math teachers do you know have a sense of humor?  That’s right. Just me. So keep reading…

So from the person who mentioned that I should get off my lazy ass and write a blog…I asked for a topic.  Well since he was no help (I still love you, but seriously, I need a better angle) I am just going to ramble about why I haven’t blogged.

My blog had turned into a bit (ok a lot) of a breeding ground for sappy, goopy, yucky emotions.  I blame Leah.  Why?  Because I’m the Mom and I said so.  Leading up to Christmas I was so excited to go home I didn’t want to blog because it would be full of “Eeeeeh!!!!!!” and “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH” and probably more smiley faces than are naturally possible.  So instead of putting myself through the embarrassment and you all through the pain I decided not to blog.

Then Sandy Hook happened and I wanted to blog about that.  I wanted to blog with the remarks I made to my family when I left the states “If you consider me safe in America, than you should consider me safe in Bahrain.” I wanted to talk about the parent conference I had which turned into one of the best conversations about gun control I have ever had (picture it: middle aged Arab man in traditional Thobe, sitting with me as pure bred and preppy American as they come, discussing tragedies, war and what we are really in danger of at home and abroad.)  I wanted to talk about how my students said they didn’t want me to go teach in the states because it is scary!  They were concerned for my safety….but then I was back to my original statement that I said to family before I left and well….that blog was neither riveting, nor as sorrowful, yet poignant as I wanted it to be.  I blame Soccer Mom for writing such an amazing piece at the heart of it all that I know I could never (nor would I ever want to) compare.

Then while I was home, I wanted to blog about what I was doing, and well 90% of my readers are probably family….that I was seeing, so that isn’t thrilling for them.  Then my time in North Carolina was such a whirlwind I truly don’t remember everything I did with whom.  I blame Leigh Ann for this.  Why? Because she probably doesn’t remember much of it either and I can.  Just kidding J 

So in my time back in Bahrain I should have blogged, but I have been in a constant sleep state and catching up on Private Practice and beloved alone time.  Really I should just delete the last line because it makes me sound so cool.  Too cool. I understand if you can’t be my friend anymore because of my awesomeness.  I blame my Dad for my coolness, the man who called out my Big Bang Theory quote on Facebook (and even used the acronym tBBT.)  See what I’m working with here? 

So in conclusion I blame all of you in the states who showed me a good time (hehe, get your mind out of the gutter) and made my trip so amazing I don’t have time to blog about any of it. 

Also to those that request I blog more…provide me with suggestions, topics, and emotions….

Or just come to Bahrain…give me something to write about

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