04 May 2012

Things People Say

I was meeting with a parent from one of my schools about next school year.  We were making plans for how I could help her daughter when I realized I wouldn’t be here next year.  We both had an “oh yeah” moment.  Her next comment was “I heard you are moving to Bahrain, is that where you are from?”  I was extremely confused-do I look Arabic or does she know where Bahrain is? 

Speaking of where Bahrain is…most of the feedback that I receive from people centers around Bahrain’s location.  They are so excited for my teaching opportunity; they just wish it wasn’t in Bahrain.  I hear “Can’t you move to Europe?” “Do you know that there are protests?” “WHY?” but the best thing I’ve heard is “You are adventurous and love a challenge”….I’m adventurous?  Who knew?

This past weekend I had a brief, but very intriguing conversation with a person I met last summer.  We knew each other through mutual friends and had gotten pretty close, but due to time, conflicts and locations hadn’t spoken in a few months.  They messaged me to say “good luck” with my new job.  It was interesting to talk about things (they worked international) and my favorite part was that they had all positive things to say.  The last comment was “you are adventurous and love a challenge”.  I literally have known this person for a few months…this shows me I either over-share (hence the blog title T.M.I.) or I really do seem adventurous, huh.  This person literally made my night.  Thank you. 

I have been so blessed this past year.  I have met more people who have challenged me, enlightened me and just plain old made me happy.  I am a firm believer that people come into your life when you need them.  Some stick around because you need them longer, some help you for the time you need them, or you are with them when they need you.  I do not expect everyone I meet to be a “lifer” but those life long relationships are the best.  However I think you need to appreciate the short-term ones too.  Whether it is a couple months, a year or two or a decade, people need you, and you need people.  I need the parents and teachers that I have met this year.  The parents that are excited about my move, even if are unsure of where I’m moving, and to friends who say the right thing at the right time, when you need it the most, make each day better.  The friends you call at midnight because you need to cry and the ones that take your stress away after a long week.  Never discount anyone, for whether they are in your life for a few minutes or a few years, they can make your world a better place. 

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  1. Carissa,

    You are the only you that will ever be you, and you are totally awesome. : o)

    Keep blogging,